Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hike #6 November 21, 2010

Hike # 6
Date – November 21, 2010
Location – Map 3 Short Hills
Distance – 8.1 km
Hikers – Dean, Marlene, Benjamin, Steve, Elza, Simon and Robyn
Start – 43.9 Niagara, Oille Street
End – 51 Niagara, Staff Avenue, Louth Conservation Area
Direction – West (north)
Weather – cool, grey
Details – We meet at Louth Conservation Area and leave a vehicle, then drive in the blue Dodge Caravan (the one that took us across the country in 2006) to Oille Street. It’s a cool, grey day – perfect for hiking. Ben and Simon head off at a fast pace ahead of us and we don’t see or hear them again until near the end, when they hide and come up behind us. The mothers are only slightly worried, because we know they know how to read the blazes. The trail is very hilly. Simon and Ben like to throw large branches down steep banks, and Steve spends some time pushing over a standing snag. We pass Rockway Falls, a gun range, and another waterfall in Louth Conservation Area. We enjoy it very much and we are all glad to be hiking.

It's also the first hike with the new, smaller camera, so there are now many more photos to choose from.

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