Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Date – October 10, 2011
Location – Map 4, Ball’s Falls
Distance – 7.3 km
Total Trail Distance – N/A
Hikers – Lori, Bruce, Nathan, Jonathan, Dean, Marlene, Madeleine, Seth and Benjamin
Start – 52.8 Seventeenth Street
End – 60.1 Moyer Road
Direction – West (North)
Weather – Hot and sunny: very hot and sunny
Details – This is an extra hike, so it doesn’t count in our total distance. But it’s Thanksgiving weekend and we have a tradition of doing a bike hike with Lori and Bruce and their boys – usually part of the Greater Niagara Circle Route.
This year we decide to hike instead, and pick the Twenty Valley section of the trail which we originally covered February 20 when much of the terrain was slick and coated with ice. We expect to enjoy showing LBN&J the falls, but because it’s Thanksgiving weekend, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority is hosting its major fundraiser, the Ball’s Falls craft festival. Because it’s paid admission to the festival, they won’t even let us near the falls – we are herded along the road and diverted away from the water.

But it’s a glorious day and we are happy to be enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Ben, Nathan and Jonathan hike ahead of us most of the time. A highlight was walking along Twenty Mile Creek, which was full of water. Many of the trees are still green but there is some coloured foliage to enjoy. We see caterpillars, a snake and a large toad.

When we get home we enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together outside: ham, curried fruit, Lori’s layered salad and apple pie with whipping cream. Yum! We are truly thankful!

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