Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hike # 24, May 6, 2012 Kelso

Hike # 24
Date – May 6, 2012
Location – Map 11, Kelso
Distance – 10.7 km
Total Trail Distance – 233.7 (660.3 to go)
Hikers – Steve, Elza, Simon, Robyn, Dean, Marlene, Madeleine, Benjamin, Harold and Janette
Start – 112.6 Appleby Line, Iroquoia Section
End – 2.5 Sixth Line, Toronto Section
Direction – North
Weather – Warm and bright, but not much sun.
Details – It’s Dean’s birthday weekend, and, to celebrate, we assemble the hiking team at our house on Friday evening to watch “The Way,” starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. We are delighted and inspired, and thrilled to know there are so many other “peregrinos” in the world.

Steve and Elza have a family visit early Sunday afternoon, while Harold and Janette and the rest of us rendezvous at King’s Christian Collegiate for Tera Van Beilen’s Olympic send-off party. It’s a joyful event that is a testimony to the family and community behind Tera. It’s particularly gratifying to hear the prayers and blessings offered by Tera’s pastor and youth pastor, and fun to see Harry and Sharon’s pride and joy. We are honoured to be part of her supporting community.

Because of “The Way,” we begin our hike with “Buen Camino.”

This hike takes us through Kelso Conservation Area, and, because it is a nice Sunday afternoon, there are many cyclists out enjoying the trail. Many of them don’t have bells so we are regularly dodging them. We are glad when we get to a section where they are restricted.

There are some good views to enjoy and evidence of early quarrying in the area.

It’s funny to see all the snow-making equipment from the Glen Eden ski resort piled in a meadow, and to cross the railroad tracks on the bridge for skiers.

We are grateful for a kind staffer at the Visitor Centre who unlocks to let us use the washroom.

Another great hike. But it ends in sadness when we learn, on the way home, of the tragic death of Chelsea Feddema who was killed when her horse bolted into traffic. We started the day sharing the joy of the Van Beilens and end it in the grief of the Feddemas.

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