Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hike #29, September 23, 2012 Beaver Valley

Hike # 29
Date – September 23, 2012
Location – Map 26, Kimberley
Distance – 11.5 km
Total Trail Distance – 317.2 (576.8 to go)
Hikers – Steve, Simon, Dean, Marlene, Madeleine, Benjamin, Harold, Janette, Elza and Robyn
Start – 63.1, Hogg's Falls, Beaver Valley Section
End –  74.6, Grey Road 30, Beaver Valley Section
Direction – North
Weather – Cool and rainy, then sunny, then rain, then sun – all day long  – again!
Details – This is hike No. 2 of the two-day trip to hike the Beaver Valley Section. More falling waters..... 

After a good night's sleep we're ready to go, and we are glad that Robyn and Elza are able to join us. Everyone agrees that we need to reduce our planned distance for the day. Yesterday's rain and hills have taken their toll. 

We had decided we wanted to leave earlier in the morning, but by the time we are finally embarking on the hike from Hogg's Falls we realize that it's exactly the same time as yesterday: 11:25 a.m. 

And it's raining again. 

There are fewer hills on this part of the trail, but more streams – which don't have bridges. Because this is the second day of rain, many of the streams are torrents of water, and it's a challenge to cross them. Luckily, no one ends up with a soaker. (Correction from Dean: I got a soaker – a little one.) 

We notice there are geological similarities between the Beaver Valley terrain and the hiking we did around Colpoy's Bay in Wiarton this spring: the east side of the valleys is more rugged and rocky, while the west side is more gently rolling terrain. 

A highlight of the day is coming up to a beautiful open meadow on the top of the escarpment at lunch time, with a conveniently located bench. We thoroughly enjoy the food, the company, the rare sunshine and the gorgeous view. This is a wonderful adventure we are on, and despite the mud and the rain, we are happy peregrinos.

The convoy of vehicles coming to take us home!

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