Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hike #35 May 5, 2013 Hockley Valley

Hike # 35
Date – May 5, 2013
Location – Map 18 Hockley Valley and Map 19 Mono Centre
Distance – 13.3 km   
Elapsed Time – 4 hours
Total Trail Distance – 405.9 (488.1 to go)
Hikers – Steve, Elza, Jacob, Simon, Robyn, Dean, Marlene, Benjamin, Harold, Janette and Erik
Start – 66.7 Dunby Road, Caledon Hills Section
End – 10.0 First Line EHS, Dufferin Highlands Section
Direction – North
Weather – 20 degrees. Warm and sunny.

The bell calls in the town
Where forebears cleared the shaded land
And brought high daylight down
To shine on field and trodden road.
I hear, but understand
Contrarily, and walk into the woods.
I leave labor and load,
Take up a different story.
I keep an inventory
Of wonders and of uncommercial goods.
--Wendell Berry, 1987

It's Dean's birthday and his birthday wish is to go for a hike. His birthday gift is a 2-litre hydrapac, and there is birthday cake for all at the start.

The shorter distance and a later start mean we have lots of hikers today, including returned university students Jacob and Erik. It's a gloriously warm and sunny day and we are happy to be together and happy to be on the trail. I've received an early Mother's Day gift and am delighted with new hiking poles.

The trees are greening and so is the forest floor, but spring is not as advanced here as it is in Niagara. In fact, in a cliff-side gully we even find a snowdrift! -- the last one of the season, we hope.

But spring is definitely here because there are trilliums-- white, pink and burgundy -- and many other wildflowers and tender shoots. I wish I knew how to identify more of these plants. Elza is looking for fiddleheads, but we don't find any.

Quite a bit of the trail is sand underfoot, and we wonder what pre-historic beach we are crossing.

All in all, it's a wonderful hike.  





 Chartruese, or French green: Janette's favourite colour!



  1. Awesome photos!! I really enjoyed them and it looks like you had a great hike!

    1. Thanks, Lauren. Are you hiking the Bruce Trail too?