Sunday, 19 September 2010

The adventure expands

September 2010
We invite Steve and Elza and John and Jodi to join us for our first hike, and, to our surprise, they agree. In fact, Steve says he intends to go end-to-end too, while Jodi says that they may not join us for every hike, but even if they say no, would we please keep inviting them.
So, on Sunday afternoon, September 19, 2010, we meet at the cairn at Queenston Heights that marks the southern terminus of the trail. Dean has ordered a new set of maps (ours are from 1997) and we are both excited and daunted.
To me, it doesn't really matter if we get it all done by 2015; more important is that we started and that we keep working away at it. I am glad to live in such a beautiful area and to have the time, friends and physical ability to embark on such a journey. May there be much joy along the way.

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